Abîme de Bramabiau

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Abîme de Bramabiau

In the heart of the Aigoual, in the center of the Cevennes National Park, coma and visit the river of Happiness,"la rivière du Bonheur" born in the open-air. The river rushes under the limestone plateau in Camprieu to come out 800 metres further down.

The cradle of French Potholing, the visit is laid out over a kilometre, very easily accessible with the developments made in 2006 which brings you out only 5 minutes away from the main building.


It starts with the first foot fall in the undergrowth, where in summer, the pleasant coolness is most welcoming. The descent is gradual and you will discover or rediscover 70 different types of plant.
Whilst decending the murmur of the river freed from the shadows gradually increases, suddenly, the most magnificent alcove appears, a true statue to nature.
You will then follow the river and cross over, following a horizontal path.

You continue to follow the guide and enter the underground river and walk across a narrow ledge, worked to include the visit’s path.

During the visit, you will overlook underground cascades and move through numerous chambers.

At the end of your guided tour, you leave by a tunnel, built in 2005-2006 and you will make a final stop to look at the dinausaur foot prints found when the tunnel was dug out.

The visit is finished, after an hour spent underground and over a journey of a kilometre in a long cave with 11 kilometres of underground networks.


Wednesday, June 27 1888, Martel and his team had announced their intention to cross the Camprieu plateau.
Locals thought this to be a fanciful pipe dream.

Three men leave to reconnoiter, come back shouting "It goes a long way!".

The next day, with the help of ropes, folding ladders, magnesium lamps, the hardy pioneers managed to arrive at the point of the day before with a few careful stunts a nd a few bruises.

After 1300 metres of adventure, they came out of the cave.

A major acheivement had been made, Martel had won over the locals disbelief! They all went to the local town hall in Camprieu to write down the minutes of the first Bramabiau crossing.

Today,this declaration certifies the birth of potholing.

  • car parking, auto, moto, bus, camping-car (warter point and free overnight parking)
  • shop, snack, bar
  • picnic areas around carparks.
  • free picnic room with panoramic view.
  • animals on a lead only
  • accept chèques vacances


  • April - May - June 10am - 5.30pm
  • July - August 9.30am - 6.30pm
  • September 10am - 5.30pm
  • October November (up to the last day of Autumn school holidays) 10.30am - 4.30pm

During the underground river visit, temperatures get as low as 10°C, whatever the season, don’t forget to bing warm clothes.